Friday, 28 August 2009

Belle's Blue Dress

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Just great...

So, it´s almost one in the morning, and I can´t sleep. It is SO annoying! I do have a lot on my mind at the moment, so no wonder, but still!

I am between jobs, as it were, only I don´t have a job waiting for me. You could also say I have vacation indefinitely... The financial crisis hits hard everywhere, I suppose. One would have thought I could be temporarily employed to give flu-shots, though, but no... They bring old nurses back from retirement to do that. I have applied for a dozen-or-so jobs, but not heard anything yet. What I´m to live on is still sort of a mystery. We do have rather good social security in Sweden, but I would prefer to work to support myself, and not live of welfare...

I have payed my tithes though, so I trust in the Lord to "open the windows of heaven" for me. I have always had enough as long as I have payed my tithes, and I´m sure He will help me now, though I do not know in what way yet.

And, since I can´t sleep, I will knit and watch a movie for a while. Hopefully I will get sleepy soon :)