Sunday, 13 September 2009

Update on the Corded Petticoat...and other things

Yesterday I drafted the pattern for the wedding dress I'm making. I think it will work all right, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it on the bride-to-be yet, so some changes might be necessary. It's on hold for a few days, since I'm at my parents again.

This is a detail of how my corded petticoat looked yesterday at noon, I've since added one more cord. The light is shining through it, so you can see the cords clearly. I tried it on (but since it doesn't have a waistband yet, I tucked it into a belt) and put another petticoat over it, and it worked quite well, with just 18 cords. It made a noticeable difference to how that petticoat looks without the corded petti. Wonder how it will look when I've corded the whole thing? I decided to have only 15 rows of cord at the bottom, and then several groups of seven rows each, and then some groups with three rows each. How many groups I'll do remains to be seen.

Speaking of that other petticoat... I made it a long time ago, and it could really use some starch. I've never tried to starch anything the old-fashioned way before, so I read up on the matter on the Sewing Academy. I started yesterday, so I'll update when I get back home.

One of my friends married this week, and had her wedding-reception last night. It was very nice, and so fun to dance (though there was way to little dancing for my taste - only five or so songs). The bride looked beautiful, and both she and her husband beamed.

On the way home my dad and I had a sort of adventure; we saw an elk on the road, she ran in front of the car for quite a long way, just ten meters or so away. Dad thought there might be another one close by, so he drove real slow, and after a little while she was joined by her calf . Good thing the grown one was already on the road, and didn't walk out just in front of us... that would have been... rather less than good. As it was, it was fun to see them so close, in the wild I've only seen them in some distance before.

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