Tuesday 6 October 2009

Wedding Dress and Medieval Veil

Today at long last I started sewing the wedding dress. The deadline now being set to 31 October might have had something to do with it...

First I basted the satin bodice pieces on the embroidered tulle, so as to lie still during the cutting as well as the sewing. That took a while, and all the time I heard loud meows from the bathroom, where I'd locked up the cat. Distracting. Anyway, I did all the basting and cutting today, and have also started sewing the bodice together. A bit time consuming, as I have piping in all the seams, and have to be careful to sew them in exactly right. There's no way I'm doing that on machine, not with the delicate tulle and all. Better trust to my own two hands in this case.

Speaking of veils the other day (not wedding veils, 14th century ones) I have a thin, semicircle, linen veil I made a couple of years ago. I liked the thing itself, but not the color. It was sort of yellowish, and I wanted it white, so I decided to try bleaching it in the sun. I did that by hanging it in my window, and it's now been there for two weeks. I wonder what the neighbors think?

I took it down today to see if it had helped, and it had! The past two weeks has been cloudy and rainy for the most part, but you can still see a difference between the veil and a piece of the original fabric if you look closely. Imagine what a couple of sunny summer weeks could do! I hung it up again, with the other side facing the window, to see if I can get it even whiter.
I've also received an additional day at work tomorrow, so that makes five days this week! :)


  1. Have you finished this? What does it look like? and did you do the pattern yourself? or purchase it somewhere?

  2. Yes, I've finished it, there's pictures in the post "Report on the Wedding" in November. I made the pattern myself.


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