Tuesday 15 March 2011


A couple of days ago it was my birthday. Tobias made me a surprise breakfast consisting of chocolate fondue with fresh apple, pear, raspberries and strawberries. That was such a nice way to start the day.

We had a pleasant, quiet day, both of us working on different projects. I made a pattern and mock up for an 18th century shortgown. I had wanted to make the pattern for a couple of weeks, but couldn’t face putting on the stays. Now I did, and the fitting went very well, but when I took out the fabric I had thought to use for it (leftover from my 14th century mustard kirtle), it wasn’t enough. Bleh. Well, at least I’ll have a pattern that fits perfectly when I do get a good fabric. I’ll use the other fabric for something else instead, most likely something 14th century for Tobias. I don’t really want us to be wearing the same colours, but if I make something smallish, it might do.

That day we also made cinnamon rolls, vanilla rolls and apple/almond paste rolls. They were very tasty and very many. We brought some over to my in-laws, where we were invited to dinner yesterday, and we’ve put a lot in the freezer.

I made a “wedding shelf” in a cabinet in our living room. The Willow Tree figurine was a wedding present from my parents, and I’ve put my bouquet and wreath, and Tobias’ boutonniere on leftover scraps from my veil (not wanting to risk damage to the real thing). It looks nice, I think, and since we haven’t ordered any wedding pictures yet, this is our only visible memory of the day for now.

More interesting sewing posts will come, I hope; school will intensify the coming couple of months, and with luck, I’ll start work very soon.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah! :)
    God bless.

  2. Grattis på födelsedagen! Det där med att inte ha rätt tyg (i rätt mändg) känner jag igen. Jag gick igenom min yllelåda idag på jakt efter tyg till nästan 1300-tals projekt och insåg att jag på nåt sätt har lyckats samla på mig väldigt mycket blått ylle... Nästan lite väl mycket, men det kommer väl till användning nån gång hoppas jag!

  3. happy birthday!
    (i love youre willow tree figure!)

  4. I have that same sculpture in my house!! :) I love it.


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