Thursday 1 September 2011

Pre Event Sewing

I’ve had/have quite a bit of sewing to finish this week before our event on Friday. Well, it’s not been that much, I know of a few people who could pull of a whole lot more, but I haven’t really been feeling my best lately, as you know, and don’t do too good under pressure at the moment, so it’s been quite enough as it is. I had to finish my over kirtle (I finished the sleeves a couple of days ago, and as I write I’m half way through hemming it – Tobias helped me cut the hem to length last night), and then I got a little late extra sewing.

Tobias’ little sister will be coming with us, and we have had to quickly improvise an outfit for her. She has the same size in shoes as I do, so she’ll be able to use my old ones, and luckily she’s tall enough that she can wear one of my old wool cottes without alteration; it’ll do very well when tucked up over a belt, and possibly with the sleeves folded back a bit. I’m sure that must have been a common enough practice for growing children back in the days. The linen smock she’ll be borrowing however (one that is presently too tight for me…) had to have quite a deep hem put in it to prevent it dragging and being completely black after the weekend. A quick, functional, easy to take out again hemming was done two days ago.

Since autumn is coming, it’s beginning to grow cold. Some days are still very warm, but in the evenings you want something warm to wear, not to mention if it rains, and considering how the weather’s been the past week, it might. I only have one pair of women’s hose, but am trying to finish another pair in time. I made the pattern (trying to reach my foot and place pins where I wanted them proved difficult, as the baby bump was in the way), and cut out the pieces yesterday, and have started making them up today. It looks like I might get them done in time, and worst case, I was told that “there’ll be ten of us down there” and that with a joined effort, they could be done quickly on site.

As for headwear, she’s just a girl and don’t need anything for proprieties sake, but she might want something to keep her hair in order or keep warm – or just because it’s fun. I’ll bring an extra kerchief and she might borrow mine or Tobias’ hoods.

The one area where I feel a bit worried is when it comes to outerwear. None of us have anything at the moment – I have fabric in my stash waiting to be made into a coat-kind-of-thing for Tobias, but there’s no chance of getting it done before this weekend. I guess we’ll have to be pretty much stuck in one of the tents if it rains. The best we can do is to hope and pray for it not to rain, or at least not rain very much.

So, a bit busy, but very exited for the weekend! Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures of us this time, so you'll get a good look at our outfits.


  1. You have been busy! Everything looks wonderful, as always. I am always so impressed by the uniformity and smallness of your stitching. It is so perfect.

    How fun your sister in law will be able to join you for the event! We have likewise been taking along a few interested friends and my dear friend Peter will be joining us for our next medieval faire later this month. I have been scrambling to try to get something put together for him. The horrible tunic I made for him out of a striped bedsheet as an emergency outfit for our last faire just won't cut it. I am way too embarassed to have him be seen in that awful thing again! I just wish I had more time. . .sigh. . .there are so many things I want to make for David and the boys and I and I know I won't get everything done.

    I will be praying for good weather for you this weekend and a pleasant time, and eagerly look forward to pictures afterwards! :D

  2. As for outerwear, a half-circle cloak takes just about a couple of hours to finish, providing that you leave the lower hem raw. Or you could use a blanket or pläd.

  3. Thanks Sarah!

    Mikael - sure, if you have some fabric at home... :) I did plan to make myself one for next season.

  4. Hello Sarah!

    I've given you an award here:

    Hope your having a great day. :)



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