Friday 2 March 2012

Wool Skirts

Spring is producing its first flowers (I saw snow drops and winter aconite the other day), but it is a bit chilly most of the time, with occasional frosty nights. Wool skirts (which are what I usually wear from autumn to early spring) are still very comfortable. Of the two I wear most right now, one is at least six years old, likely more, while I finished the other just a month or two back.
The old one is made from a charity shop bought wool blend, trimmed with another wool fabric. It is made from seven gores, has a raised waist (that is still a little too tight post pregnancy), and closes with an invisible zipper in the back.
It has a loose matching pocket, made from the wool used to trim the skirt, with piping made from the main skirt fabric. It closes with a button, as does the belt it’s attached to. The skirt is flat lined with brown cotton.
The new skirt is also made from a wool blend found in a charity shop. It’s made from two full panels of the fabric, the width taken in by stitched down box pleats. It closes with an invisible zipper in the left seam, and a button and buttonhole on the waistband. I made most of it while still pregnant and wasn’t sure what size I’d be after, so it’s actually a little too large. I might redo it at some point. It has a pocket in the right side seam.
It also has a band of contrasting wool fabric close to the hem, with decorative running stitches in red. And look, proof that little B actually exists :)
On a side note: isn’t motherhood just wonderful? I feel so happy to have been blessed with such an amazing little person to care for, love, teach and guide.
Soon it’ll be spring for real, and after that, summer isn’t far off. I’m currently working on a summer dress, and if time allows, I have more plans for dresses in my head that might be realized.


  1. I love wool skirts as well, and yours are SO pretty. I love the banded trim at the hem. It looks so very mid-19th century!

    And I love the photo of you and your sweet little son. . .you look so natural as a mother and so radiant! What a beautiful picture. Congratulations again on this new little miracle!

  2. Just found your blog, love it! Definitely following you :]
    Caroline Leigh


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