Saturday 14 April 2012

Technical Difficulties

My camera has decided to be uncooperative for a while, and we can’t find the battery charger for Tobias’. I have been sewing a bit (medieval baby clothes mostly), but I’ll wait to post about that until I can take pictures.

I can report that the nursing slits in the shift worn under my front lacing dresses work pretty well. Tobias and I gave a lecture on the Middle Ages (in 14th century clothes, of course) to my sister in law and her classmates, 11-12 years old, a few days ago. Naturally, B came with us, and had to eat just before and after. I might have positioned the slits slightly wrong, but I’ll correct that on my next one, and it’s no problem using the one I have as it is. Good to know, as the re-enacting season starts soon :)

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