Saturday 24 April 2010


Another ghastly school week is gone, with the additional strain of worrying about a friend who’s in a lot of pain and distress right now.

To witness this has been like standing on a bridge and watching someone going closer to the edge, and finally announcing they’re going to jump. All the time you’ve tried cheering them up, but to no avail. Even as they jump you cry “Please, don’t do this!”, but they don’t hear, or won’t listen. I feel like a complete failure as a friend, wondering what I might have said that added to the pain, or what I didn’t say that could have made a difference. At the same time everyone has their own free will, and no matter how much I’d want to, I can’t force them to accept my help.

I pray the Lord will help me to be a better friend to those I know, and that He will strengthen them in their time of need.


  1. Hello Sarah!
    OH i'm so sorry to hear that! I know just how you feel it's Terrible!!

    Well just pray and believe and EVERYTHING will be alright!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless you!!

  2. Sarah. Du måste tänka på att du så klart gör allt du kan. Och det är ju allt du kan göra. Det räcker. Ingen förstår allt. Ingen orkar allt. Jag ber varenda morgon och varenda kväll att jag ska få hjälp att veta mina begränsningar - ingen mår bra av att jag har dåligt samvete över något jag inte kan påverka.

    Vi känner inte varandra vidare väl, men jag är fullkomligt övertygad om att du är en underbar vän.

  3. Thank you both for your support! Things seem to be turning out better than I would have dreamed - hopefully it will last.

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear of the troubled times you are going through, and in regard to your friend. I will being be praying for both of you; the Lord knows all and thankfully He can work in the hearts of those who won't respond to anyone else, and I trust that He will. I'm sure you have been a wonderful friend; may He give you peace too. Hope this week is better!

  5. I will be praying for you, Sarah.
    I now exactly how you feel. A certain person in my life has done something similar recently and it is heart breaking. :(


  6. Your in my prayers, Sarah.
    I pray the Lord will give you hope and strength. Have a blessed day!



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