Sunday, 1 June 2014

Baby Quilt II

I managed to finish the patchwork quilt for baby before he comes, thanks to him being overdue. I’m feeling better than I did with B, but still, it’s a bit heavy, painful from time to time, and generally uncomfortable. As my last delivery was difficult I’m a bit nervous about this one – if you are a praying person; do keep me in mind, if not; keep your fingers crossed :) 

Anyway, the quilt. It’s made from 28 different fabrics, like B’s quilt taken mostly from scraps; old clothes worn by family members, scraps from other projects and the like. Some fabrics are found in both quilts. I have had to do a bit of piecing here and there, as I save even the smallest pieces of fabrics I really like, but it adds character. Everything, both fabrics and batting, is taken from my stash. 

It’s all hand stitched and hand quilted. Though it’s made in a different basic design, it has the same colour scheme as B’s quilt, but as many of our clothes and home textiles are also in those shades, this is not very strange. The quilting is also similar, if not identical.

As I had to work from stash, it didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted it, but I still think it’s a rather sweet little quilt, and I look forward to tucking in my baby under it. I hope it will be as well loved as the last one I made.


  1. Jättefint! Så vackra milda färger, ser ut som ett riktigt gammalt ärvetäcke!Blir jättefint för bebisen!


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