Tuesday 19 May 2015

Mending Trousers

Sometimes you need to do less creative and inspiring things, but I’ve begun to realise that mending clothes is not just economical and good for the environment, it can actually be fun, once you sit down to it. It's getting there that's the problem.... 

 Never got a 'before' picture of this...

Last weekend I mended my husband’s jeans, and my three year old's trousers. Both were mended in the same way: I put a patch behind the hole, and sewed rows of parallel running stitches over it. I did weave over the warp threads that still remained too.

Before and after.

A little bit of work, and my men will look decent a while yet. It’s certainly gratifying that you see an instant result of your labour.


  1. Good for you for mending, that's such a valuable skill! I never enjoy the thought of mending, but am always happy once it's accomplished.

  2. Så fint! Älskar att laga..vilket är tur eftersom jag sliter kläder som ett småbarn..(även om just byxor kanske inte är det roligaste, men det är så värt!)

  3. I hate mending, but sometimes you just got to do it! Good work!


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