Friday 15 January 2016

Wool Skirt Makeover

Way back in 2009 I made a wool skirt that have seen a lot of use during the winters:

Since I had children though, it hasn’t fitted very well. It was made to fit snugly round the hips, but pregnancy and childbirth can cause big changes to one’s figure. The skirt was now too narrow over the hips, and kept riding up, which also made it shorter than I appreciate. As I still like the skirt, and want it to look nice on my present figure, I gave it a makeover.

The original skirt had an 8 centimetre deep hem. I let this down, and faced it with some grey bias tape I’d had in my stash for ever.

I cut the top of the fitted portion, and piped it with the grey band I’d cut off. Instead of the old and broken zip, I put in three buttons, also from my stash.

A small makeover, and now I’m happy with the skirt again.


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