Tuesday 18 January 2011

One Month Left

Last Saturday Tobias and his parents came up to my place, and we moved all of my things to what will be our home when we marry, one month from today. It was an exhausting day, with a lot of work, and little rest, but we got it done. My brother A and few friends helped out with carrying, so my mother in law and I could mostly concentrate on packing the last things and cleaning out the apartment. My Mum would have been there too, but she was ill, and had to stay home and rest. She did make us some brownies though, which was much appreciated.

I’ll be living in our apartment as soon as it’s finished, and Tobias will move in after the wedding, but there’s a lot of cleaning (the former tenants left the place in a mess…) and organizing that needs to get done first, so I stay at his parents’ at the moment. He has moved a lot of his things in already, and deciding what things will go where is fun, but a bit tricky. Right now it is a complete chaos of boxes, furniture in the wrong places, and some furniture that’s not been put together yet. In the hurry to get everything packed, I have lost track on where some of my sewing stuff has gone, which annoys me a little, since I really must get started on my wedding dress soon. Tobias said it’s a motivation for me to get unpacked quickly, and I suppose he had a point.

His Christmas present finally arrived last Friday. I’d ordered him a book on Russian wood architecture, which he’d mentioned to me some months ago. It’s out of print, so it took a little work to find a second hand copy. I wasn’t entirely sure I’d ordered the right book, but judging by the “Yes!” when he opened it, apparently I had. Whew. Another addition to our already large, and ever growing library. Let’s just say that a lot of our furniture consists of bookshelves…. On our wish list is a library, but that will have to be sometime way in the future.

And now, another day of cleaning and organizing :)


  1. flyttning kräver mycket krafter, men det är såååå roligt att ditt liv förändras nu, till det fantastiska! du kommer att gifta dig!!! YEY! jag är så obeskrivligt glad för din skull, söta Sarah, du har förtjänat den absolut bästa kille! lycka till med städningen.. kramar!!

  2. grattis till lägenheten! och nu när du flyttar in först så kan du ju passa på att smygordna det som du vill ha det :) (fast ni kanske tycker ungefär lika ändå)

    Lycka till med biblioteket (jobbar också på ett!)

  3. ... you have me reminiscing. :) So happy for you both! :D


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