Friday 28 January 2011

Two Eyelets

I really don’t like school. Or, at least I don’t like assignments. I’ve been really stressed out by a couple of them lately, and the stress is by no way gone yet. But that is not interesting to anyone, so I’ll leave of there.

Yesterday, when I was close to screaming and crying from being so frustrated by school, Tobias, who was going to our apartment to do some more cleaning, took me along, so I could get some change (I still stay at his parent’s, but will likely move next week). I decided to work on my wedding dress. So, yesterday I managed to sew the back panels together, and, as I will lace the dress up the back, I got a placket sewn in. It did me a lot of good, like sewing always does.

Today, we went there for a couple of hours, Tobias to study, and me (being frustrated with school again) to sew. I had a hard time getting the position for the eyelets right for some reason. I’ve never had much trouble with spiral lacing before, but this was a pain. In the end I think I got it right, and had two eyelets sewn, in silk buttonhole twist.

And that’s all there is to tell right now. It’s progressing, but slowly.


  1. It's gorgeous! I'm at a really crazy time in my schooling, too...I wish I could give you some less-stress advice, but I'm having a hard time coping myself! You'll get through it. :)

  2. I am so sorry things have been so frustrating and stressful for you lately. :( How sweet and kind of Tobias to know you needed a change of pace! He is going to be a wonderful husband to you!!! ;)

    The dress looks absolutely stunning. You will be the most beautiful bride in it!

    Take care! In a few weeks you will be a married lady!!


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