Saturday 16 July 2016

A Pregnancy Remembrance Pendant

I have always turned to crafts when I’ve felt down for whatever reason – well, when I’m happy too, but crafting somehow acts in a healing way for me. Usually it's something textile, but this time I felt like making a thing I could wear that let me speak my loss without being too obvious or in-your-face. I looked online for inspiration and then looked through my rather limited stash of jewellery making supplies.

This is what I made: a simple pendant (jewellery making is not my forte) with a blue glass bead for each of my sons, and a white glass bead for the unknown little one that I’d already made room for in my heart but never got to hold. It’s discreet enough not to cause comment, but it means something to me, and I felt good while making it. 


  1. This is a beautiful memorial to your little one, and I'm glad that it brought you some comfort.

  2. When I my mom had a miscarriage, when I was old enough to grieve about it, I remember stuffing a baby sock in my clothes above my heart. For some reason, it helped.
    Something my 7yr old brother said, (about me moving away across the country, but I think it applies to grief too)
    "We are both in the hands of God, so at the most, we are really only a few fingers apart"

    praying for you.

  3. I had a miscarriage in 1980, and I still grieve at times for that lost child. How wonderful that you have made an object of remembrance for all three of your children.

  4. A lovely, quiet, calm reminder to keep next to your heart. Much sympathy --


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