Saturday 27 August 2016

A Simple Vase for Toddler Picked Flowers

Here’s a little hack for anyone who may receive very short-stemmed flowers from the toddlers in their life.

Take an old spice jar (preferably one with a nice shape), wash it and remove the label and glue. Save the perforated inner lid. When you receive flowers from little children, fill the jar with water, pop the perforated lid on, and put the flowers into the holes – that will prevent them from slipping into the water, and will keep things looking neat and pretty. 

 Before I thought of this I used to balance flowers I got from my children on the edge of a small vase, or fill a bottle cap with water for the really short-stemmed ones, with varying success – what do you do?


  1. That's very clever! I've used small vases with a narrow neck (thrift shop finds) and filled them nearly to the top so the flowers would reach the water, but of course it never worked for the smallest flowers.

    1. I've done that too, but more often than not the flowers would fall in anyway... I suppose the neck of my vase wasn't narrow enough.


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