Thursday 11 August 2016

How to Remove Glue from Jars

So this is a bit different from my usual posts, but it’s too good a hack not to share. Who of you ever re-purposed a jar, bottle or tub, but was annoyed that the glue from the labels never came off? I certainly have, but then I found a good way to remove stubborn glue by The Creek Line House, using only baking soda and cooking oil, and it works beautifully. A bonus for it being non toxic.

Here’s what you do.
First the labels must be removed from the containers. Soaking in hot water and possibly a bit of dish soap does the trick, sometimes with a bit of scrubbing. More often than not, a lot of glue is left.

Then you mix a little cooking oil (use whatever you have at home) with baking soda, to make a paste. 

As long as it will stay put, even a slightly runny paste works well. 

Dab the paste onto the glue on the containers and let it sit for a few minutes or so. 

Scrub! I prefer to use my fingers, but for really stubborn glue maybe a sponge could come in handy. In most cases the glue comes off quite easily.

When all the glue seems to be removed, wash the containers, by hand or in the dishwasher. You’ll then have completely clean containers without disfiguring glue residues. 

I have done this with so many jars, with different kinds of glue, and so far this has worked on everything. I tried it on a plastic tub, and it got light scratch marks from the baking soda, that acts like an abrasive. Nothing too horrid but I’d better mention it. 

Do you have any must-know cleaning hacks? Please share, I'm trying to improve and simplify my home making!


  1. I never heard of that trick before.Does it work for skin too for removing the glue from bandage?Some toy for the bath have so much glue left from the tag ,that trick will be so helpful.Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I actually tried getting a plaster off using baby oil the other day, and it worked a treat. I'm sure cooking oil would work too. Haven't tried with any glue residues though... *note to self*

  3. This is a great tip! I re-purpose jars and bottles all the time! I use peanut butter (or what ever "butter" type thing you use) on plastic. It breaks down the adhesive and doesn't scratch! :)

  4. Interesting! Too bad peanut butter is crazy expensive over here :P

  5. I've used mayonnaise for this for years. Doesn't take much, and I always have it on hand. No abrasive to scratch, either.

    1. Got to try that sometime :)

    2. I tried this on plastic containers,and on two of the three I tried it on, it worked a treat. Thanks for the tip!


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