Tuesday 2 August 2016

Harry Potter Inspired Faux Book Cover for Mum

I’ve been making faux book spines and book covers as props for the annual Halloween party (a great distraction, as I still can't make myself pursue more serious crafting), all of which I will show you in great detail later – there might be a tutorial as well - I just want to make a few more of them first. Now, I did share a teaser on my Facebook page the other day, as I’m so happy with how this project is turning out. My favourites are still under wraps though. 

When my mum, a fellow Harry Potter nerd, was visiting for a few days, I showed the “books” to her, and she wanted one too. When I asked her what she wanted more specifically, she gave me a subject - something to do with her greatest hobby scrapbooking - but gave me free rein as to the actual title and look of it.

 This is the result: a faux book cover entitled Documenting the Magic – Creating Enchanting Photo Albums, in her favourite colour, green. Combining two of a person’s interests like this is great fun. I also gave the green witch hat to her, as it fits her perfectly, and she looks fabulous in it. I always knew she wasn’t a Muggle.

 Meanwhile, I was spoiled with presents too: some decorative fabric tapes and ribbons, and a journal with leather covers that she’d made herself with me in mind, filled with pretty and useful things.

 Presents are fun, both to make and receive :)What do you think of home made presents?

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