Wednesday 10 February 2010

A New Week

…and new feelings. My hopelessness from last week has passed, and hopefully it’ll keep its distance for a while. For the past few days I have been in quite a good mood, even with school. Support from friends and family is wonderful, and prayer helps too.

I have got some sewing done, and I think the kirtle will look very nice when finished. I tried it on yesterday and it looked promising enough. I should have cut the gores a bit longer, but it only means I have to be very careful when finally adjusting the hem. Usually I like to cut dresses a little longer than I plan them to be, just in case. I must have measured wrong this time, but it’ll probably work out anyway. Hakuna matata :)

So far I have finished the main seams and sewn all the gores in, and am now working on sewing the seam allowances down.The colour on the screen doesn’t do the fabric full justice: I think it's a purer shade of mustard in real life. It’s not a colour I’d wear in my ordinary life, but I think it will look delightful on my 14th century self.

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  1. Oh, this sneak peek is delightful! I cannot wait to see the whole kirtle when finished!


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