Monday 15 February 2010

Valentine Party

First of all, I know the text is in two different kind of letters, for some strange reason. I can't understand what's wrong, it's very annoying.

For more then ten years, the YSA in one of Sweden’s greatest cities have hosted the Valentines party. It’s a three day event, starting with a dance at Friday night, sports and other activities on Saturday, another dance on Saturday night and then church on Sunday. Usually the Saturday night dances have themes, for which to dress up. Sometimes these themes have been simple, like wearing something red, and at other times a little more advanced, like last years Robin Hood and Marion theme. This year the theme for Saturday was L-O-V-E, meaning we could dress up as pretty much anything, as long as it started on l, o, v or e. It was so much fun; a lot of people had put a great deal of thought and effort into their costumes (for example Edward Cullen, a couple of guards (vakter in Swedish) complete with earpieces, lions and leopards, snake-charmer (ormtjusare), Little Red Riding Hood and, one of my best friends - an electric hand mixer).

I hadn’t. Had I been at my own home, I could have used the loads of things in my closet (I had planned to go as Ophelia in Hamlet), but as it was I had nothing, not even the time to make anything, there being so much to do in school. So the day before the party I went shopping; I bought a sheer, white cotton fabric (which I’ll make a dress from, eventually), some lovely brass buttons and some fake ivy. The same day as the party I sewed the fabric together, to make a Roman-ish gown (ok, perhaps it looked a bit more Greek), and made a wreath from the ivy. I was going to be Vesta, the Roman virgin goddess of the hearth, home and family. I looked a bit like a tent, but so did many others back in the day – it was very comfortable though. The fabric being so sheer (worn over a slip of course), I think it worked anyway. Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures of the whole thing.

It was a very fun weekend; a well needed pause from all my schoolwork. Another good thing was that one of my friends brought one of my medieval chemises, so I can see how my new kirtle works over it. Yay!


  1. Trevligt Sarah. Jobba inte ihjäl dig, hördu. Visst ska du lägga tid på studierna, men du får inte glömma att studentlivet också innebär långa promenader längs stadsvallen i parken, museibesök på Kulturen och Historiska, långa fikadejter med folk (eller bara långfikor ensam med goda böcker), resor till Malmö (där du skulle kunna träffa Lunda och AnnSofie och hantverka med dem) och Köpenhamn, biobesök, antikvariatrundor, medeltida hus-safari
    (om du inte hittar dem så får jag komma ner och visa dig), billiga pizzor och jag vet inte allt.

    Gör det. Börja idag.

  2. Låter fantastiskt.... men jag har inte tid! De är efter oss med blåslampa, inlämningsuppgift efter inlämningsuppgift efter.... Mina nöjen just nu sträcker sig inte längre än till att (om jag orkar och har tid) sy, och nån gång ibland hitta på nåt med kompisarna. Det är tur att jag trivs med min värdfamilj, det gör att även vardagen har sina trevliga sidor :)

  3. What an absolute blast your party sounds! The costumes sound so creative too. . .how fun! I love the glimpses you've given us of your costume. The sheer cotton fabric is lovely! I wish I could find similar fabrics around here! Alas, it is hard to find much at all in a natural fiber. :(

    Can't wait to see your progress on the kirtle!


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