Thursday 4 February 2010

You Think a Girl Would Learn....

I have so much to do nowadays, schoolwork takes all of my time. I don’t have a life at the moment. Well, that’s not exactly true; it just means I usually don’t have time to sew right now, which for me feels like not having a life. Last night I took some time, and worked on my 14th century kirtle. I sewed the back seam and started on the back gore – not much of a progress, but I felt a bit down, and went to bed early.

"A bit" is an understatement... How is it that you can feel perfectly happy and content one day, and the next it feels like your world is falling apart? My life is quite good; compared to many I have no reason to complain, but yesterday night I was overwhelmed by sadness. I’m better today, but the sorrow is not as far away as I’d wish. Disappointments are so depressing.


  1. I know the feeling: busy, exhausted, never being able to get done all you want to get done, and if you could add just a few more hours to the daylight, you'd have it made. :)

    But take heart - it's only a moment. Life will slow down and you'll be back to your sewing again sooner than you think. *hugs* from Texas!

  2. Thanks, that's so kind! Even though you know less fun things will pass after a (relativly) short while, you tend to forget that when you're in the middle of them. I can always use hugs when that happens!

  3. Upp med hakan Sarah. Ta dig en tur på Historiska Museet idag, och stick över gångbron till Domkyrkomuseet. Och ta en titt på den enorma linnekjorteln från ca. 1400 som hänger där. Och så ska du ta dig en fika på Ariman när du är färdig. Då ska du se att det känns bättre!

  4. Cheers! Museerna måste jag verkligen ta en titt på vid tillfälle :D Frågan är bara när jag ska lyckas få tid till det?

  5. I'll be praying for you that you find a pleasant routine among your new occupations - I am just now catching up on your news, and am thrilled for you but know that it cannot be a very easy adjustment, coming so quickly. May God bless you, dear!


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