Thursday 22 July 2010

Air Raid Sirens

Just a question: Have you watched too many movies, TV-series, and documentaries if the sound of British WWII air raid sirens make you jump and wonder where the nearest shelter is, and still sends chills down your spine once you realise, half a second later, that it comes from a mobile phone?? Or do you just have too vivid an imagination? Even when being prepared for it, it makes me shiver. It’s one of the eeriest sounds in the world.

Hmmm…. Being a sucker for history can have its side effects, I suppose.


  1. I always react when I hear the Air Raid Warnings :S Scary scary stuff :(

  2. I hear every morning that sound near my house, but it's a siren from the seaport warning that the boats are arriving with fish! :) Even so, I always recall those alarm sirens from WWII!

    It's a very interesting blog you have here, I'll stay in touch!

  3. Here in Sweden, they test our sirens on the first Monday of every quarter of the year, so we're used to them. But ours don't sound anything close to as scary as the British WWII ones. The British ones had a whining, mournful sound to them, ours is just one single tone at certain intervalls. Yet, if I where ever to hear them send the signals for war or air raids, I think I'd find ours just as sacary...

  4. I live with Jorel so I also hear the siren everyday. But in my hometown this siren meant fire so now I can't help it, every time I hear the siren my thoughts are:
    Fire!!?!? Are we under attack!?! Oh no wait! It's fish -_-


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