Monday 11 January 2010

London Hood, Part 2 - Finished

Saturday morning I finished my hood. It was finished the night before, but for the last four buttons, which I was too tired to make then.

Even though I messed up while cutting it, I’m still rather pleased with it. It’s comfortable, not as tight as I thought it’d be, and very cosy. It’s likely I’ll be wearing it at home sometimes, since my neck and shoulders are often chilly. Just one thing annoyed me a little; I had planned to have the buttons on the other side, but my thoughts must have been somewhere else when I started on the buttonholes… Never, ever begin something that is irreversible late at night when you’re tired! I’m now done with being annoyed, it won’t help anyway. It would seem that the right and wrong sides for buttons and buttonholes weren’t as established then as it is now, so I should (hopefully) be able to get away with this.

And I know I look dead tired in the pictures. The combination of period clothing and hair with modern make up is a bit amusing as well, but I was to lacy to wash it of before taking the pictures. My kitchen isn't a very 14th century setting anyway :)

Side view:

The brim folded back:

Side view with folded back brim:

I took some detail pictures of it as well. How the lining was attached to the outer fabric, which I described in my last post:

The lining:

The buttons and buttonholes. Each button is made solely out of a circle of cloth, which edges are folded down, sewn and pulled tight, until it stuffs itself. Sewing the buttons to the very edge of the clothes is a period correct practice.

I’m quite proud of myself for not being distracted by other projects, but actually finishing this one quickly. It was a battle, I must say, I wanted to make a short jacket for my 18th century outfit, but managed to resist. I did some research for it, but didn’t start sewing it. Good girl!


  1. Strålande Sarah! Hur fint som helst!

  2. Tack! :D Man gör så gott man kan.

  3. Tjusigt! Även jag är på gång att fixa till en ny hätta, hoppas jag också får till nåt så fint!

  4. This is so beautiful! It looks absolutely perfect (although I will admit I know nothing about this era - which I will need to remedy!). I love the style and the many buttons and buttonholes that fasten it. It is just incredible. It is so flattering too, I think.


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