Saturday 23 January 2010

An Unexpected Event

On Wednesday afternoon I got a phone call from one of Sweden’s eldest and most prestigious universities (founded in the mid-1600’s), saying I had a place at the study programme I’d applied for a couple of weeks before (three months to late), due to some people not showing up, and so loosing their places. I had applied just to have something to do, not thinking I’d get in until next year, since I applied to late. I was soooo surprised! I had to get a cat sitter, somewhere to stay and then get on a train that night, and go to the university. I've been all in a flurry, but so far it has turned out all right. There are a few unanswered questions as to what I’ll do with my apartment here, and where I’ll find a new one closer to the university. For the time being I’m a lodger in the family of some friends.

But all that are minor problems that’ll sort themselves out somehow. The important thing is that I have been accepted to an education I’ve always wanted, at the university I wanted to study at. My classes so far have confirmed that I’ve made the right choice, it feels just right.
In a year (if all goes well) I’ll have a Master One Year Degree in Nursing, with a specialization in Paediatrics. Next to having a family of my own, it’s my dearest ambition to work with helping other families, educating and giving advice on how children work and what they need both physically and psychologically. There are so many parents today who are unsure of themselves and need support and confirmation that they are doing the right thing, or help on how to change their behaviour or way of thinking. There are also (regrettably) many children that are being neglected or abused in various ways, who need someone to notice and act. I want to be a nurse who see these children and have the courage to help them. But first of all I’ll have to get through school.
Just a couple of days before I got that phone call I was talking with some friends about how little we know about what the future holds; all of a sudden something happens that you had never expected a month or so earlier. Still, I didn't think it would happen to me just like that.... this is certainly something I hadn't expected a month ago. It's nice when unexpected things are also pleasant things.

Of course I’ll have to bring some kind of sewing project down there which I can work on when not studying. Good thing I prefer hand sewing, since I can only bring a few things.


  1. That's wonderful news! Good luck with all your studies!

  2. Vad roligt för dig! Stort grattis! Jag håller precis på att läsa pediatrikursen i grundutbildningen och det är jätteintressant.

  3. Thank you, both of you! I'm so exited, this is just what I've wanted!

    Hannah - pediatrik är så kul! Fast vi läste inte det alls i grundutbildningen :( Vi läste inte gyn heller. Våra lärare verkade inställda på att vi skulle jobba inom äldreomsorgen allihop, så vi fick (kändes det som) bara läsa geriatrik... och inga bra valbara kurser med inriktning barn fanns det heller. Men nu trivs jag!


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