I love making costumes, they give me different challenges and another kind of artistic freedom than historical clothing does. At the same time, I am influenced by my historical sewing here too; most of the time I try to use materials and techniques that would have been available to the people of the made up worlds, and that often means natural materials and hand sewing with historical stitches. I want my costumes to feel real and believable, as if something like them could have been in daily use somewhere in the universe. 
I have a very limited budget, and fit costume sewing around taking care of my family and mainly focusing on other hobbies, which of course has some impact.
The categories and costumes are in alphabetical order, so old and new costumes are all jumbled up. Click the pictures to go to the corresponding blog posts.

With Disney costumes I do my best to make them as close to the films as possible - they must be iconic and instantly recognisable. Sometimes I try to make them more historically accurate, without loosing the look.

Middle Earth
Some of my Middle Earth costumes have clearly been inspired by the film costumes, but not copied from those of any specific character. Others have come together by combining things from my ordinary wardrobe with costume pieces.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
With these I don't try to portray one of the main characters of the stories, just random people in the magical world.