Harry Potter Party

What was first meant as a once only Halloween party with Harry Potter themed decorations has become an annual thing.

Now, mine is not like most other Harry Potter parties out there, filled with decorations that focus on the events and adventures in the films. No, this is more of a wizarding world affair, as it's made to look like a small Halloween party taking place in the home of an actual wizarding family, like if we were really in the story on the same timeline as the books, not just nerds hosting a party themed round a fandom. We even got short back stories thought out, to make sure the decorations created makes sense and are believable. For example, based on when I was born, I'm supposed to have been Sorted into Hufflepuff in the same year as Dennis Creevey was Sorted into Gryffindor, and I presumably watched the Battle of Hogwarts from Hogsmeade, having been sent away with all the other underage students. Like my real life self I'm at present a stay at home mum. My husband, five years younger than me, isn't supposed to have started Hogwarts until a few months after the Battle, and was Sorted into Ravenclaw. The story is that he's now working in the Department of Magical Transportation, of which Percy Weasley is Head (sounds like fun), but a job in the International Confederation of Wizards is the goal.

With all that in mind I try to create decorations that makes it feel like a real home, only magical rather than Muggle. No Hedwig, no Moaning Myrtle, no Polyjuice Potion, swarms of winged keys, Time Turners or letters to Harry are found here. Instead, souvenirs from our old Hogwarts houses, our wands, floating candles here and there, adverts from the Diagon Alley shops, potion ingredients, Ministry papers, magically themed books and so on create the atmosphere. In short, my goal is for our guests to feel like they have really stepped into another world, not only arrived at a party.

This is of course a work in progress, and I add to it bit by bit, year by year, so far on a very small budget. This page is dedicated to my best write-ups on decorations and foods - click on the images to be taken to those blog posts - if you're looking for wizarding world related costumes, check my 'Costumes' page above.

Most of these are made to last several years, and so have to both look good and store easily. I have great fun coming up with things that might be found in your average wizarding home, some taken directly from the books, some taken from my imagination but made to fit in with what we know of the magical world.

Food and Drink
Food is of course important to setting the mood. This annual party is of the "bring a dish" variety, as it puts less strain on me not having to do everything myself. Still, a few special things are fun to make.

If you find any of my things inspiring, feel free to copy the concept, but please link back to my blog. If you like, drop me a comment with a link to what you made, I'd love to see it. Happy decorating!


  1. Looks like making these decorations was half the fun of the party!

  2. I am plotting an end of term Harry Potter themed party for the end of the school year. I hope it turns out well! Yours looks very nicely done!

    1. Thank you! It's a work in progress, and is hopefully getting better every year. Good luck with your party!


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