Wednesday 23 December 2009


So, I should have concentrated on making the skirt for my New Years dress yesterday, but I got distracted by something else. So annoying when that happens….

What caught my interest were the medieval embroideries on this blog, based on German finds from the 13th and 14th centuries. I use thick woollen yarn, which is nice, since it covers the surface quickly. I don’t think it’s really period in this kind of embroidery, silk would have been more appropriate, but since the fabric isn’t period either I don’t mind. I won’t be using this in a period setting anyway. I think I might decorate a pillow with it… only it doesn’t match anything in my home.

Because of the colours I call this my Medieval Gryffindor Embroidery. Usually I don’t really like to embroider all that much, but this is fun to work with. A bit addictive, really. I think I might use this technique again sometime, in silk, for a purse to use at re-enactments. That would probably be a bit to nice for my social status though… hmmm.

I did make some little progress with the skirt yesterday, but not close to how much I needed to get done. I’ll hopefully get a little sewing done after work tonight. A good thing is the skirt turned out quite good at the first try, I took in a seam a little, and that was it. Here’s another teaser picture, where I’ve pinned the sleeve to the bodice.

Looks rather good so far, in my opinion.


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