Sunday 18 July 2010

1940's Style Dress

The 40’s dress got finished yesterday. I am rather pleased with it, though not all the details are as I would have liked them. I wore it to church today, and one of my friends said I reminded her of an old picture of her grandmother. I took that as a great compliment; seems I managed to give the dress the right air.

The dress is made from rayon, with a hidden zipper in the left side. The front of the bodice is gathered at the shoulders, and there’s a ribbon tie at the neck. The bodice is eased into a waistbant to which the skirt is sewn in smoothly. Another ribbon ties round the waist, and is held in place by loops sewn at the sides. The sleeves are gathered at the shoulders, and have an inverted box pleat at the edge, sewn down about 2 ½ inches up the arm, making the sleeves narrower at the bottom. Thin shoulder pads where made to create the right silhouette. The skirt is rather long, placing the dress in the early 40’s. The shoes are vintage, made in England, and bought at a charity shop some years ago.

That’s really all there is to say about it. Didn't get any better pictures of it today, regrettably. And yes, I was tired when I took the pictures. Now I’m off for my third night shift at the hospital. Yawn.


  1. This dress is just adorable! And I too think you give the dress just the right air. I'm always so inspired (and sometimes jealous :P) of your historic recreations since you always get them *so* perfect!

    I just finished my newest 30's style dress today, I suppose it would be late 30's based on the fullness/length of the skirt, but I really love these styles! I need a whole wardrobe of dresses like this!

  2. Niiice, the tight waist and the long skirt gives just the right feel to it! Actually I've seen MY grandmother wearing something almost exactly like it on pictures from the last part of the 30-s or first part of the 40-s.

  3. Thank you all for kind words!

    Sarah, I get a bit envious at you sometimes, you manage to get so much sewing done, I can't keep up ;) I too want my wardrobe filled with this kind of dresses.

  4. I love that dress! It reminds me of costumes out of 40's and 50's movies. = )

  5. Tänk om man levat på 40- 50-talet! Allt var så mycket vackrare då! Klänningen är superfin! Vilket fint tyg! Och modell så klart =)


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