Thursday 17 February 2011

The Day Before the Wedding

Last weekend, I came down with a cold, and was pretty much floored by it for a few days. I managed to sew a little, sitting in bed. So now, after a week of intensive sewing, and watching way too many episodes of The Nanny on Youtube (btw, the Jiddish words and expressions are contagious, they’re so good), I’m almost finished with the dress, only has to cut the skirt to the right length and hem it. My Mum will help me with that, as I won’t risk making a mistake, and cutting hems is a tricky business. After being dissatisfied with how it looked, I decided to wear the dress over a corset, and the fitting went so much easier after that. Problem is, the corset is unfinished, so that’s one more thing on the to-do list. I’ll be wearing the dress over a cotton petticoat I made years and years ago – I just have to make a new waistband, or it’ll look clumsy under the dress. I tried on the dress and veil yesterday morning, and it’ll look pretty. I didn’t have time to do any embroidery, but I like it how it turned out anyway. The look is a little pre-raphaelite, just like I wanted it too. Sorry, don’t have time to take any detailed pictures right now, I have so many things to do today, as my family will arrive, I’ll have to help with decorating the tables for tomorrow, finish the petticoat and corset, make sure someone pick up the flowers, and other stuff we’ll need to make the bouquet, boutonniere and myrtle wreath. My family will be staying in our apartment, and the combination of me having been ill, sewing intensely, and still haven’t cleared the last mess from moving in, the place is a disaster. I also have to pack what I’ll need for the wedding, and since we’re going over to Denmark for the ceremony, I can’t afford to forget anything. Then I’ll need to pack for the wedding night. No flimsy little nightgown for me, though – it’d feel weird, and we’re both too down to earth to care for such things. And, it would be good to find a little time to relax and calm down before tomorrow. Stress, stress, stress – but of a good kind.

Tobias have been wonderful, working hard with the decorations, devoted hours and hours planning, measuring, putting up wires and twinkle lights and so on. Most people thing I’m the brain behind our decorations, but I believe he’s have as many good ideas as I have.

Since you didn’t get any dress pictures, here’s a sneak peak of the decorations:

Now to hurry of again – the list of things to do is endless.


  1. Oh dear Sarah! How busy you sound but it is an exciting, good kind of busy. My thoughts are with you and will be especially tomorrow as you join together with the man God has given as your husband. My best wishes for a wonderful life together! Enjoy this time!

    I can't wait to see photos and hear about the wedding when you get a chance to blog again. No rush though. ;) Have a terrific honeymoon!!

    The decorations look *beautiful*!!!

  2. Ahh! How exciting! Can't wait to see pictures later. Calm down and just enjoy!

  3. I wishies you an happy weeding!
    Ooh, all that endless todo and don't forgot lists, and the wedding dress just finished in time, few hours before the wedding... Sound familiar to me ;-)
    Enjoy every minutes and have a nice honeymoon to.

  4. I'm sorry you came down with a cold, but I'm so glad you're over it and were able to still get everything ready. By now, you're married (or close to it, at least). It's so exciting. Many blessings for you and your husband; may you have a long and happy marriage.



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