Monday 6 February 2012

Blue Pillows

A couple of weeks ago or so I finished two pillow cases I’d been working on.
One of them is the patchwork one I wrote about earlier. I did a chain stitch embroidery with "Once upon a dream" in Swedish. Most of the fabrics used were once clothes belonging to me or one family member or other.
The second one has a simple strip of cotton plaid, appliquéd with spaced back stitches to a herringbone cotton fabric, with folded fabric strips between, like flat piping. Simple, but I like it very much. Again, the fabrics used to be clothes of mine. Waste not….

These little things I’ve been able to do when little B is sleeping in my lap or next to me on the sofa between feedings (so they’re all hand sewn). Sometimes it’s felt like I didn’t do anything but nurse, but here is clear proof that I do get to do other things :)

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