Thursday 8 November 2012

Hearts For the Christmas Tree

Last week we had visits from both our families, and though very nice to see them, it left me rather tired (I’m one of those people who is drained on energy when surrounded by people, and gains energy when being alone, or with my closest family) and uninspired to work on my coat. Instead I felt like making felt hearts for the Christmas tree (pretty and unbreakable if pulled down by small hands), but thought the felt at the hobby suppliers’ was too expensive. 

I do however have wool scraps left from making my red kirtle, so I dug them out, and looked for pieces big enough for my hearts.

The hearts are hand stitched, wrong side out. They are then turned, lightly padded and trimmed with smaller hearts of scrap linen, attached with blanket stitch in green, to match the ribbon hanger. A brass button and some quilting in the same colour as the linen complete the look. I had eight buttons, so I made eight hearts. I would like to make more, decorated in a different way, but for now, I’m happy to have completed these. A completed project is not an every day occurrence for me, not even before having a baby. (Speaking of which; I did start and finish (!) a cushion cover today, also for Christmas. More are planned, so I’ll post about that later.) 

I would also have liked to have made these more decorated, with embroidery and so on, but knowing myself, I thought I’d better keep it simple, and actually see them finished this year. 


  1. Those are lovely! I prefer the look of handmade ornaments on a Christmas tree and these are wonderful. The colors and design are simple yet striking.

  2. They are beautifully fantastic. I did something similar when my oldest was a toddler. 10 years later, they are still our most favorite and lovely Christmas tree ornaments. I think they are PERFECT!

  3. Thank you! I prefer handmade items myself, including Christmas decorations :)


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