Thursday 14 March 2013

New Blog

Last night I published my first post in a new blog

It’s in Swedish, and is a beginner’s guide to recreating the Middle Ages. Right now I focus on clothing, as that is where most beginners start out, but will branch out after a while to cover more aspects of this hobby. If you can read Swedish, please go take a look!  


  1. Hej! Ville bara inflika att blogger säger att bloggen inte finns när man klickar på din länk.
    I övrigt tycker jag att det är ett superbra intiativ! :)

  2. Oj då, tack för att du sa till! Det är fixat nu :)

  3. On the new blog, can you answer comments/questions left in English? I'm afraid my written Swedish is approximately at the level of a five year-old.

  4. Well, I am sure it is wonderful! Congrats to you and your wonderfulness!

  5. A True Amateur: certainly, if the answers are not too lengthy (as in, would require a whole blog post to explain) ;)


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