Tuesday 14 May 2013

Corded Petticoat

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  1. It turned out so beautiful! 82 rows of handsewn cording - wow!!!
    Even without being starched the petticoat creates a lovely silhouette.


  2. Wow!

    I remember reading past posts of you working on it and being in awe back then, but now I am completely blown away. Seeing it all finished, it just has the perfect look! I like the flexibly sized waistband - what a great idea!

    I do not like starching my petticoats since it just takes so much time and *so much* starch but yours does have a very nice shape even without it. It's perfect.

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a lot of work. It must have taken you ages to stitch all that.

  4. Really, really, really amazing! May I ask what the bottom circumference is? It looks like you nailed the perfect amount of fabric in the petticoat- not so little that you don't get a good poof, but not so much that the excess starts buckling in on itself.

  5. Can't believe I havent answered you kind comments before now! How rude... Thank you all!

    Laced Angel: It's about 2,5 meters wide, which would be a little over 98". It's a little wider than ideal, but this way I could use the full width of the fabric, and whipstitch the neat selvedges together, which made for a very tidy finish.


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