Sunday 2 January 2011

Christmas, New Years Eve and Other Things

Not much to report – life is busy, but not much of it is fun to read about. Christmas was good, I spent it with Tobias’ family. I admit I felt a bit homesick though. I didn’t spend last Christmas with my family either, since I was working then. The homesickness had passed by Christmas Day, though (for those of you who don’t know, Christmas Eve is the big celebration day here). Tobias and I had some very nice presents, witch clearly had our marriage in mind; covers, toolbox, drill/screwdriver etc. Very much appreciated.
I was more than a bit nervous about his gift to me – I knew he was sure I’d like it, which made me even more nervous, since he’d never made me a present before. Not a real, wrapped up one, anyway. When I opened it, it was a book I had seen last spring, and mentioned to him once (not that I have a memory about mentioning it to him), a book about chickens. Different kinds of chickens, their care, food, and housing, everything you’d like to know about them, filled with beautiful pictures. I want to live in the country eventually, and I’ve always wanted chickens, so this was a perfect gift, and proved he knows me very well. I got tears in my eyes when I saw it.

Unfortunately, my gift to him got stuck somewhere (stupid, snowy, coldest-in-a-century Scandinavian winter….), and still has not arrived, which had me greatly disappointed. Ah well, it’ll have to be a New Years gift instead, I suppose. I got him a little something for Christmas instead.

On Boxing Day we, Tobias, I, his parents and siblings all went up to visit my family. They all went home again after a couple of days, but I’m still here. We had more wonderful presents, again with our future lives in mind. I got a food processor (yay, I’ve wanted one for years!), and Tobias got John Seymors book on self-sufficiency. Being almost as interested as me in a life in the country, and likewise as big a bookworm as I am, he’s spent quite a bit of time reading in it, and building castles in the air. Some of them will hopefully be realized in future.

My family and I spent a quiet New Years Eve at home, with good food, snacks and movies. My brother A and I were up way too late, watching a movie, and yesterday I didn’t go up until it was almost 11 am. I missed Tobias a great deal, and even more so after he called me at midnight. Just a few more days though, and he’ll come to visit my family again.

In regards to the wedding, we’re spending a lot of time planning the open house. We have to work to a tight budget, but we’re sure it can still be nice. It just takes a bit more consideration. The plans for the wedding dress are progressing. I’ve bought a lot of cream cotton velvet for it, and the other day I bought the material for the veil. That was a special experience, even more so than buying the fabric for the dress. I’ve made so many dresses, so in a way this one doesn’t feel that much different – not yet anyway. The veil on the other hand is such a unique thing for brides. When my Mum and my brother J’s girlfriend helped me drape it over my head in the shop, to try out how it’d look, it was a very exciting moment. I had to try it again when we came back home. I pinned my hair up in the kind of style I want for the wedding, and quickly sewed the light tulle to a comb and tried it on. It looked almost exactly like I’ve pictured it in my mind. I’m beginning to be exited for this sewing project – and I haven’t been that about any sewing, knitting or embroidering for months, because of the wretched tiredness. Except for the giveaway pincushion some time ago, I haven’t done any sewing, knitting or embroidery at all for months…. It’s about time I return to my normal sewing routine.


  1. Oh how nice it all sounds! The chicken book looks wonderful. We plan on getting our first little flock of chickens in March or April and I am so anxious that everything will be prepared for the little chicks to arrive. How fun! What a great resource that book will be!

    I love the picture of you and Tobias. It is so beautiful and you look so radiant and happy!

    I am so eager to see the final wedding gown and the veil when you are free to share that with your deovated readers! Happy New Years!

  2. You have a very lovely blog, I am glad I stumbled upon it! Have a warm, safe and cozy New Year!
    Take Care,


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