Wednesday 29 September 2010

Another Recomendation

I'm sure many of those of you who, like me, love costume dramas, have noticed that some costumes appear in several productions. There is a website dedicated to finding as many as possible of these recycled movie costumes, and it's called (surprice) Recycled Movie Costumes.

You can do a search by era, and submitt costumes if you know of any that's not listed on their site (I've submitted a couple some time ago). It's great fun, and some costumes have been used far more times than you'd think.

One thing you'll get comfirmed is how truly different looks you get, depending on corsetry, hair and accessories, even when the same outfit is worn - just look at these pictures:

Jennifer Ehle as Elisabeth Bennet in Pride and prejudice (1995).

Jemima Roper as Amanda Price in Lost in Austen (2008).

This could serve as an exellent example for all girls and women who (would) like to wear period clothes in historic settings: no matter how pretty and accurate your outfit is, if you don't do your hair in a period way it'll just look weird. It's all in the details :)


  1. I feel a little bad for putting poor Jemima up as the bad example, but I guess that's what can happen when being an actor, you dress the way the director or whatever whants you to... I suppose many 21st century women would look like that if they traveled back in time, refusing to give up their make-up and modern hairstyles, so it was probably a point to it. To be fair, I've seen Jemima looking absoloutley perfect in Wives and Daughters.


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