Friday 8 October 2010

More Cording

This week I’ve begun my last clinical. I’m at a neonatal unit, and it’s the most fun clinical I’ve had yet. Caring for all these small (in some cases, very, very small) babies and their families is a great blessing, but I pray none of my children will be too premature. The stress of the parents and siblings are enormous, as is the stress of the babies. Interesting as it is, it’s a very new environment for me, which means a lot of concentration to learn as much as possible, and to be attentive to the needs of my little patients and their families. When I come home I usually just crash into bed. I had the day of yesterday, and I slept for eleven hours that night. Wow. Usually I never sleep that long.

With me being so tired all the time, I haven’t got much sewing done (I sound like a broken record, huh?), but I’ve finished the 60th row of cording on my petticoat. I want a few more groups of three cords before the single cords.

I’ve also worked on the back of my regency stays, whip stitching the top fabric and lining together at centre back, and sewn a cord in on each side. Between the cord and back there will also be boning, and on the other side of the cord, eyelets for lacing.

Not a very interesting post, but it’ll have to do as I’m of to the hospital again soon.


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Well, I've been watching for some time as your corded petticoat comes together. 60th row! I love sewing, but I think I would have wanted to stop by now. Haha! :) I'm impressed. I'm long does it take you to do one full row of cording? Is it awful tedium or is it rather like quilting...just getting into a rhythm?

    What fabric are your regency stays going to be made up in?


    P.S. As a woman whose daughter had to stay in the neonatal unit (briefly thank goodness!) I thank you for your hard work. It is very stressful for new parents, to have their child away from them for even a few hours in the neonatal unit, let alone several days or weeks or months....and it's a comfort to have capable and caring nurses to watch over our cherubs. :)

  2. Thanks! I really love it at the neonatal unit.

    Actually, I really, really like to do the cording - it's such easy sewing. I'm a bit surprised myself, but I'm going to miss it when I'm done. Suppose I'll "have" to do one for 1820's, just because ^^

    I timed myself once, and it took me 45 minutes to sew one row, but I think it was slower work in the beginning. So far it's been at least 50 hours of cording.

    My regency stays are anything but fancy - just plain cotton, same as the corded petticoat. Hopefully, I'll make a better pair in cotton satin sometime.


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